Car Tips with Bill Gatton Nissan

If you have a question about your car’s problem, Car Tips with Bill Gatton Nissan has the answer. Submit your questions to the ABC19 facebook page and Bill Gatton Nissan will pick one to answer each Wednesday on ABC 19 News at 6 and 11. And be sure to visit the Bill Gatton Nissan facebook page at

How Often Should Your Shocks Be Changed?

What Causes a Vehicle to Squeak When Turning Left or Right?

What Causes a Gas Pedal to Stick?

Should You Repair a Hail Damaged Car Before Trading?

Do Your Tires Need to be Rotated Each Oil Change?

What Causes a Power Window to Stop Working?

Can You Buy Extended Warranty for a Used Car?

Why Do RPM’s Go Up When Starting a Vehicle?

What Will Void a New Car Warranty?

What is GAP Insurance and Why do You Need It?

How Often Do You Really Need To Get Your Oil Changed?

Can You Sign for a Car Loan with No Credit History?

Will a Heavy Key Chain Damage the Ignition?

What Causes a Jumpy Steering Wheel?

When to Buy New Tires?

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