Emory & Henry College Death Threat

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EMORY, Va. (WKPT) – In 2012, stateuniversity.com ranked Emory & Henry College as the safest four-year college or university in Virginia; and that’s one reason why students at the school say campus safety typically doesn’t concern them.

“I feel very safe. I’ve never felt threatened at all,” says fifth-year student, Nolan Lipscomb.

But a little before 10 last night, a different feeling swept through the campus.

“Nothing like this has ever happened in the Emory community at all. It’s a very safe place, very small town, and everybody is close. So it was really scary,” says Grad Student, Jessica Turpin.

Dean Gourley sent an email to students concerning a post on the social media app, Yik Yak, which read, ‘freshman killing spree. Tomorrow at the cafe at 12. All upperclassmen come prepared.’

“We let them know that we were concerned that this had been posted, and that we were investigating more fully to find out what was behind the post,” says Emory & Henry Dean, Pamela Gourley.

But by this morning, the student had turned themself in.

“The student that was responsible came forward and let me know that they were taking responsibility for it,” says Gourley.

Still, Gourley, who also oversees the Campus Safety Department, says they regard all threats with utmost concern.

“Last night, one of the first people that I was in touch with was our Campus Police Chief, Scott Poor. We had our conversation about what our operation would be for today, how would we address it.”

And by mid-morning, students at Emory & Henry went about their day with peace of mind.

Knowing that their school is looking out for their safety at all times.

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