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  • Sinead O’Connor Rants About American Music Awards October 21, 2014 Sinead O Sinead O’Connor is ranting again, this time over the American Music Awards. The Irish singer recently claimed on her blog that she had been asked to perform at the upcoming AMAs. Moreover, she said, producers wanted her to perform with a very special guest: Pope Francis. In a blog post, titled “The AMA’s and the Most Appropriately Named Company on Earth,” O’Connor wrote, “6 weeks ago the appropriately named Dick (look closely at above photo) Clarke sic Productions contacted my record company saying they wanted me to perform at the AMA’s. They would naturally need to run this by the network on account of I’m the Pope’s-photo-ripper and would be back to us shortly-ish. Their hope was I would perform Nothing Compares, segueing into Take Me To Church.” The controversial singer, 47, said three weeks went by before her manager finally got an email from her record company, saying the AMAs passed. But it ... Read more
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