Local Students Attend Conservation Camp

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BRISTOL, Va. (WKPT) – Close to 100 students traded in their metal desks for the great outdoors yesterday.

“We call it teaching nature in nature,” says Kathy Lowdermilk, Director of Keep Bristol Beautiful.

Keep Bristol Beautiful and the Upper East Tennessee River Roundtable combined to host the 4th Annual Conservation Camp at Sugar Hollow Park.

More than 800 third and fourth grade students from Washington County and Bristol City Schools attend the event over a three day period.

“This is our educational, big educational event of the year. We try to incorporate what the teachers are teaching in the classroom and get the kids outside in nature,” says Lowdermilk.

Students rotate through 10 different learning stations; all with hands on activities.

Volunteers from area organizations teach each lesson and the day’s curriculum covers a variety of topics.

“Stations include litter, recycling, forestry, plants, and herpetology. We just try to get them excited and involved,” says Lowdermilk.

The third grade class from Watauga Elementary attended yesterday’s camp. Students say they enjoy being out of the classroom and actually learn a lot.

“I’ve learned about saving the environment. Water and a lot of other things. There’s only 0.5% of water, fresh water, left in the world. And we need it. Animals and plants need it,” says third grader, Cadence Baker.

Event organizers say they hope educating students early will help create earth-healthy habits and they are already looking forward to year 5.

“We have so many people, and they just keep coming back. So they must like it as much as we do,” says Lowdermilk.

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Credit to: Jessica Larkin | E-mail

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