Student Sends Out Death Threat

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Student Sends Out Death Threat

EMORY, Va. (WKPT) – Tuesday night student at Emory & Henry College received an email from the dean of student’s concerning a death threat.

Dean Pamela Gourley sent the letter in response to a post on the social media app called Yik Yak.

The post read “Freshman killing spree tomorrow at the cafe at 12 p.m. All upperclassmen come prepared.”

“The best option for us would be to go ahead and notify the campus community and let them know that we were concerned that this had been posted and that we were investigating more fully to find out what was behind the post,” Gourley said.

Wednesday morning administrators at Emory & Henry identified the student who made the threat. They have not released a name.

Gourley tells us the college is working with authorities on any charges that need to be filed.

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Credit to: Katie Donaldson | E-mail 

Image Credit: Anna Kuskin

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