Tornado Damage Still Felt by Some Local Residents

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KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WKPT) – It’s been five weeks since a tornado swept through Matthew Pate’s home in Kingsport, but he says he’s still reeling from the damage, as if it hit yesterday.

“In the five weeks since the tornado actually hit, we’ve been getting the run-around with the insurance company, and they’re just not wanting to pay,” says Pate.

Pate says his home currently has more than $60,000 worth of damage.

It’s left his land, his barn, his garage, and parts of his home, in pieces.

“This outside wall and the garage were actually knocked off the foundation. Up here on the top, it actually took a big chunk out of the main support. It’s only being held on by three-eighths of an inch,” says Pate, as he shows the damage.

This garage used to sit right here, but after the tornado, it moved over three feet. But even though the city has deemed it unsafe, it still stays here.

Pate says his home insurance provider just isn’t following through the way he hoped they would.

“So far, we’ve got over $60,000 worth of damage that we got from independent contractors coming in and giving us estimates on stuff. And the insurance company’s not even wanting to settle for half of that amount,” says Pate.

Even though he’s faced a number of loopholes and poor customer relations; Pate hopes that one day, he can return to a simple and wholesome home, just like the one he used to have.

“That’s all that I want; is to be able to get the garages fixed, the house fixed, and my barn fixed, so life will be the same that it was before the tornado hit,” says Pate.

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